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amazing game. the last section took me a while but it was definitely fun

Thank you very much for playing, im glad you enjoyed it. It means a lot.

Hi there! Fidelity is the kinda game you don't expect! Lots of things that you have to discover and find by yourself and I had a lots of fun while playing it! 

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Thank you for playing.

that was a strange game ! cool nonetheless !! way to go man !

here's my gameplay btw:

Thank you, I enjoyed watching your playthrough a lot.

If you look on you can see you got pretty high up! Great job! 


Thank you, im very proud of it

I really enjoyed the tense soundscape and level of detail throughout. Some of the changes really had me stuck for a while, but that's why its great :)

Glad you enjoyed it.


This is a game full of self trickery. Assume everything, but do not assume anything at all. Hopefully that makes sense ;D

Thanks for the fun!

Loved the video, thank you for playing

Hey, That's a nice little game with a nice dark mood to it. Spot the differences with nice pixel art. :D Tip for new players: Zoom in! I had a lot of fun finding all! Hope you make a sequel.

A really great game. It's challenging and fun, yet has some very dark undertones.


A great refreshing game with a very interesting concept. It really encourages you to pay a lot of attention to the environment. At first changes may be very easy to spot, but as the game progresses they get more and more subtle.